Embedded Software is a specialized software developed to manage, control and monitor device operation.

The concept of embedded software development is that it will work by being embedded directly into the device it controls.

Embedded software spheres of use


Self-service devices


Parking meters


Unmanned refueling stations


Onboard computers


Medical equipment


Industrial equipment


Devices of «smart house»


Home appliances


Access control device

Benefits of embedded software proposed by our Group


All stored and transmitted data, protocols, etc., are protected by persistent modern encryption algorithms based on x509 standards

Low maintenance cost

In the process of development we used Open Source technologies and finally achieved such benefits as low support cost, high stability, software automation

Failover feature

All solutions are built on the principle of high availability and works without maintenance stops on boards without moving parts with 8 years service life

High working speed

The developed software is light and fast, written on QT, can be installed on any flash drive, new devices are configured in 15 minutes

Virus immunity

We develop solutions based on UNIX/FastSYS, which are not susceptible to virus attacks, so the use of antiviruses is not required


Software is developed to be flexible so that programming upgrade is not problematic as well as the development of new functionalities

Our Group advantages in the development of embedded software

Experience in creating complex IT projects

We have developed a number of IT-projects, which results are used in Russia and abroad on more than 6,000 devices over 12 years

Creating ready-made solutions

Our solutions always include a full range of software, it means that no additional development is required

Turnkey development

We carry out a full cycle of work on embedded software – from technical task preparation to software release and testing

Technical support

In the framework of cooperation we support the developed software, make improvements, develop new functions, maintain technical documentation

Company’s principles

Reputation and technology promotion are special priorities of our Group. All agreements are respected, we are always open for contacts and we show responsible attitude to all cases.

How embedded software is developed

Requirements analysis
Installation and use
Formulating the project objectives and tasks, making cost estimates, establishing development deadlines, technical task creation
Creation of system architecture, defining the software set of functions and hardware requirements
Software developing that results in a work version of the product
Software is tested for compliance with technical task, then the product’s potential weak points are detected and removed
Software installation on devices, user training, start of use

How to order embedded software development

Things you need to do to order embedded software development:

Give the project description to our manager

Receive cost estimates for software development

Sign a contract for software development

Cost of embedded software development

The cost of embedded software development is calculated individually for each project and is based on the quantity and cost of standard hours written in the cost estimates


Cost of programmer’s standard hour is $75


Cost of programmer’s standard hour is $45


You can consult with the manager on any questions.