Cluster system consists of several servers, connected with high-speed communication channels, which are used for implementation of common tasks as a single system.

Cluster systems are used both in large enterprises and in small organizations to solve work problems.





We create fail-safe cluster systems of high-availability, which guarantee minimal downtime.

When using ordinary server systems, if one server fails, it causes the system shutdown until it is restored.

But when using fail-safe clustering, in the case of hardware or software failures of any of the cluster servers, all applications and system services continue to work normally.



Corporate IT-systems


Self-service systems


Online stores


Business services


Remote control systems


Cellular and Internet service providers




Social networks and messengers



Servers store data on AES-XTS encrypted volumes on hard disks, and data is transferred over the network via a cryptographic IPSEC cloud.

Fault tolerance

Cluster works without stops, services are duplicated on all servers («master-master» synchronization), queries are balanced according to CARP technology

Virus immunity

We develop solutions based on UNIX/FastSYS that are not vulnerable to virus attacks, so no additional software is required for protection

Crypto key exchange system

Our solutions use a closed crypto key exchange system – decryption keys are not stored on servers or at administrators

High working speed

A pair of cluster servers process more than 10,000 requests per second, which gives a significant progress for development and allows you to process operations quickly

Low service costs

Open Source technologies used in the process of development resulted in low support costs, high stability, software automation


Cluster system is built in such a way that it is possible to add new nodes (servers) rather quickly and easily as the needs of the system grow

Absence of «weaknesses»

We develop cluster systems without using central management nodes, that is the reason of absence of «weaknesses» in them


Experience in creating complex IT projects

We have developed a number of IT-projects, which results are used in Russia and abroad on more than 6,000 devices over 12 years

Technical support and software development

In the framework of cooperation we support the developed software, make improvements, develop new functions, maintain technical documentation

Turnkey system creation

We carry out a full cycle of work on cluster systems creation – from determination of technical requirements of IT-system to the launch of the cluster

Company’s principles

Reputation and technology promotion are special priorities of our Group. All agreements are respected, we are always open for contacts and we show responsible attitude to all cases.

Cost of developing

The cost of cluster systems creation is calculated individually for each project and is based on the quantity and cost of standard hours written in the cost estimates


Cost of programmer’s standard hour is $75


Cost of administrator’s standard hour is $45

How to create a clustered system

Things you need to do to order cluster system creation:


Give the project description to our manager


Receive cost estimates for software development


Sign a contract for software development


You can consult with the manager on any questions.