Servers are specialized computers, which provide the work of multi-user applications such as systems for accounting, teamwork, file and data storage, corporate mail, IP telephony, etc.

Enterprise servers popular types

Below are some frequently used server types that are classified according to the tasks they solve.


Accounting servers


File servers


Teamwork System Servers


IP telephony servers


Video server


Corporate mail servers

How secure servers are created

We create secure servers that use a closed cryptographic key exchange system, which prevents accessing server files by attackers and staff of controlling bodies, even when they receive physical access to your server.

To ensure no-brake functioning of your enterprise, secure servers are located outside the enterprise site in secure data centers and configured so that employees could access VPN files on servers at any time of the day.


How to work with secure servers

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Employees are provided with VPN access for remote operations on the server, so they can work from any device, place and at any time without any inconvenience.

When using secure servers, shared data and files are simultaneously available to all users, allowing for effective staff working.

Benefits of our Group servers

Low service costs

Open Source technologies used in the process of development resulted in low support costs, high stability, software automation

Crypto key exchange system

Our solutions use a closed crypto key exchange system – decryption keys are not stored on servers or at administrators


Servers store data on AES-XTS encrypted volumes on hard disks, and data is transferred over the network via a cryptographic IPSEC cloud.

Virus immunity

We develop solutions based on UNIX/ FastSYS that are not vulnerable to virus attacks, so no additional software is required for protection

Benefits of cooperation with our Group

Experience in creating complex IT projects

We have developed a number of IT-projects, which results are used in Russia and abroad on more than 6,000 devices over 12 years

Turnkey servers creation

We carry out a full cycle of work on servers creation – from determination of technical requirements of IT-system to the launch of the server

Technical support

In the framework of cooperation we provide server administration, data backup, network security, etc.

Company’s principles

Reputation and technology promotion are special priorities of our Group. All agreements are respected, we are always open for contacts and we show responsible attitude to all cases.

How to order secure server configuring

Things you need to do to order secure server configuring:


Give the project description to our manager


Receive cost estimates for server creation


Sign a contract for server creation

Examples and cost of secure servers configuring

The cost of configuring is calculated individually for each project and is based on the quantity and cost of standard hours written in the cost estimates. Cost of programmer’s standard hour is 75$, Cost of administrator’s standard hour is 45$.


Organization’s Video server

The server for receiving, storing, playing and retransmission of video signals from the organization’s video cameras.

Implementation cost – 4 725 $


Organization’s Central server

The server on which the organization’s employees work. Access from employees’ offices and computers is provided via VPN certificates. The server contains all necessary services and programs for work (mail client, text editor, 1C, etc.) It also has a reservation system and is configured as daily restored.

Implementation cost – 4 950$


1C: Accounting Automatic server

The server, which allows to automate accounting work, formation of contracts with clients and contractors, and to ensure control of reporting documents return. It also allows to conduct the audit of the company’s work by means of automatic generation of reports for control of sales, balances, accuracy of calculations.

Implementation cost – 8 100 $


Payment system’s transaction processing server

The server that ensures operation of network of terminals accepting payments from individuals in favor of different Service Providers, further data exchange with Service Providers, automatic formation of accepted payments registers and reporting documents.

Implementation cost – 15 000 $