This mobile application of FINGER commission-free wallet allows you to make payments and transfers using both templates and transaction details, as well as monitor all transactions performed in online-wallet, on any smartphones and tablets working under Android OS or iOS.

Devices Supported

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FINGER App Functions

Payment for services

In the «Pay» section users can make payments for various services (cellular communication, Internet, housing and utilities, credits, fines, fees and etc.) with no FINGER System Commission

View Transaction History

In the «Transactions» section there is all information on the user’s wallet operations (history of deposits and payments)

Template management

The application users can make payments using templates, add new or remove not actual ones for services paying in the «Templates» section

Change Wallet Settings

In the «Parameters» section the users can change settings, read documentation on Finger, check personification and security data, etc.

Transferring funds

Users can transfer funds to other popular online wallets, as well as to Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and MIR cards

View accounts information

In «My accounts» section users can get information on wallet accounts (details, assets
available for withdrawal: in processing and waiting for)

Balance replenishment

Users can transfer funds to other popular online wallets, as well as to Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and MIR cards

Contact FINGER Call Center

In the «Help» section users can contact Finger Support team operators 24 hours a day by phone or text messages

FINGER Benefits


The application is opened only by fingerprint or access code, all wallet operations are confirmed by password or sms code at the user’s choice

No fees when paying services

According to FINGER rules, when paying for various types of services, the commission is 0%. This rule is not temporary and will always be applied

Momentary payment execution

FINGER system resources allow to make more than 10 thousand transactions in one second and send user payments to service Providers in 1.3 seconds

Transactions Reports

In FINGER wallet you can see information on all transactions made (payments, transfers, replenishments) at any time

Applications comparison

Characteristics Qiwi Yandex WebMoney FINGER
Payment for services without additional wallet commission
Address map of terminals for depositing funds to the wallet
Contact with Support service team
Payment for services using templates
Payment templates management
View the history of transactions made in the application
Authorization in the application by fingerprint
Replenish the account of another user from the card
Possibility of e-invoicing
Contactless payment from the wallet balance (NFC)

Application screenshots

Download the app from PlayMarket and AppStore
Log in or register for Finger wallet
Pay services, fines, fees, etc.
View the transactions history

Variants of use

FINGER application can be used by:


Individuals can register for FINGER wallet and use its functions in mobile application:

  • Make payments, money transfers, transfers to other wallets, etc.

  • Manage their account funds in credit organizations of FINGER system


Credit organizations may connect to FINGER multi-bank transactions system and provide their clients with:

  • Accounts management in FINGER mobile app,

  • Conducting payments using the fingerprint both in Russia and abroad.



FINGER Mobile application for OS Android


FINGER Mobile application for IOS


You can consult with any questions.

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