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Work computers
On-board systems
Medical devices
Automatic refueling
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FastSYS – is the same Linux, only fast, compact, safe and ready to build your project in the shortest possible time

FastSYS – is a built-in operating system based on the Linux kernel and open source software, has 5 degrees of cryptographic protection, compact size, works on any flash drive. OS FastSYS contains QT libraries, which allows you to create quickly your own solutions based on it


OS FastSYS – is a modern high-tech system that supports the work of various software tools

Linux Kernel 4.19.58

QT version 5.13

GPU Drivers

OpenGL version es2 и es3

Chromium Browser

Libc version 2.27

Simplefb & efifb framebuffer

Location API



OS FastSYS – is a modern high-tech system that supports the work of various software tools

Linux Kernel 4.19.58

QT version 5.13

GPU Drivers

OpenGL version es2 и es3

Chromium Browser

Libc version 2.27

Simplefb & efifb framebuffer

Location API


Creating software for self-service kiosks

Based on the FastSYS OS, it is possible to develop software that allows you to automate sales and services in any direction of trading and providing services

Creating software for vending machines

FastSYS OS allows you to create solutions for the operation of modern vending machines and automatic trading pavilions, the use of which makes possible to organize sales 24/7, provide quality service and reduce staff costs

Installation on working computers

FastSYS reduces the cost on using and creating jobs in 10 times. The system has a built-in set of functionality organization and centralized workplace management. Using FastSYS OS provides security, immunity from malware and protects workstations from unauthorized access, increases the speed of equipment

Installation on medical devices

FastSYS OS can be used in medical devices with minimal hardware resources for automatic reading, interpreting and sending indications (pressure, temperature, heart rate, etc.) to a doctor, automatic medical personnel calling in case of patient’s indicators deviation from normal, etc.

Installation on-board vehicle systems

FastSYS OS allows you to create fast, multi-functional and safe on-board systems in vehicles, protected from unauthorized access, software reinstallation the and run third-party applications

Creating software for automatic gas stations

FastSYS OS allows you to create solutions for service automation at gas stations. At automatic gas stations, customers order and pay for fuel using self-service kiosks, without departing from gas stations, which allows to increase service speed, passability and profitability of stations, as well as staff costs reduction

Creating software for multimedia panels

FastSYS OS allows you to create solutions for the automation of customer information with full remote control. Automatic information systems allow you to unload employees, increase the speed of informing clients and customer service, increase the level of public satisfaction with the organizations services

ATM software development

FastSYS OS allows you to create secure solutions for banking devices (ATMs, terminals, cashiers), which ensures the smooth operation of equipment, significantly accelerates customer service, allows you to expand self-service capabilities quickly, as well as creating fully automated service offices

Creation of software for the space industry

On the basis of the FastSYS OS, it is possible to create spacecraft control systems with maximum performance, safety and fault tolerance performance with limited system and energy resources

Low development and support costs

OS FastSYS supports cross-platform development environment QT, the use of which allows a wide range of developers to create their own solutions based on it, without any need to purchase licenses for commercial software.

The FastSYS system kit includes all the necessary components for developing your own software solutions in a short period of time:

  • OS FastSYS
  • Software Release Kit
  • A package for creating an image and programming drives
  • Developer Workplace


The FastSYS system core contains only the necessary modules and the latest QT libraries, which ensures the highest performance and speed:

  • System boot - less than 15 seconds
  • Installing the system on the drive - 1 minute
  • Launching a new device - 15 minutes
  • Accelerating the display of graphics based on the system core
  • High working speed of the system


OS FastSYS has a compact size, contains only the necessary functions, is suitable for building lightweight compact solutions, which makes it possible to create built-in solutions for any device.

The system can be compressed just till two megabytes

5 degrees of cryptographic protection

  • Сompilation a system kernel
  • Data transfer encryption
  • Software’s image encryption
  • Data encryption
  • Cryptographic device binding


FastSYS OS does not require powerful computer equipment, discrete graphics cards, cooling and heating systems

  • Processor - 1.44 GHz
  • Storage capacity – 1 Gb
  • RAM - 256 Mb


The FastSYS system contains a number of automatics, the use of which ensures stable operation of the equipment without failures and hangs

5 250 000 hours

is FastSYS stable
operation time

10 000

total amount of devices using FastSYS OS


the working period of FastSYS

Virus immunity

FastSYS OS is built on the basis of Unix family technologies that are not susceptible to malware attacks, which ensures that the OS is immune from viruses and does not require additional software to protect your equipment

Binary update system

OS FastSYS contains a system of automatic binary updates, due to which the equipment is updated only as part of the changes. The binary patch contains only the difference between the volume of the previous and new software versions. This approach saves Internet traffic, increases the speed of updates, provides the ability to update remotely with an unstable Internet connection and on low-power devices

Logging and Debugging System

OS FastSYS contains a customizable event logging system that allows you to track all system events in various ways:

  • Using syslog server
  • Remote viewing system’s operation log
  • Sending logs automatically to the developer
  • Maintaining a debug version for debugging software


Launch of an electronic queue on FastSYS OS

AIS MFC launch on FastSYS OS

Launching the "My Documents" terminal on FastSYS OS

FastSYS OS Demonstration for Medical Devices

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Comparison of FastSYS OS with Market Solutions

Comparison options Ubentu FastSys
Work on flash
Download speed, sec. 30 sec 15 sec
Min RAM, mb 512 mb 128 mb
OS size, mb 1500 mb 27 mb
Data encryption
Binary updates
Remote analysis
Virus immunity
Software encryption
Auto devices restoration
Possible OS improvements
Update time 600 sec 35 sec

Implementation examples

All examples

How to start development

You can try to build any of your own solutions based on the non-commercial version of the FastSYS system.

Download the necessary software

Build your own project according to the instructions

Flash ISO image to device

In case of questions, you can get answers to popular questions in the materials for download or contact technical support by e-mail

Use cases

You can use both FastSYS OS versions for both commercial and non-commercial use

p / n Comparison metric Commercial version
(For commercial use)
Non-commercial version
(For non commercial use)
1 Technical support
2 Possibility of replacing the system’s core
3 Possibility of modification to the needs of the custom
4 Debug mode
5 The cost of a license for 1 device 1$/device For free
6 Unlimited License Cost Country population / 3,000 * 1 $ Free
7 Use OS FastSYS Buy OS Fast SYS Use FastSYS OS
For non commercial use