Cloud advertising platform

Cloud advertising platform allows to manage advertising content (Video, SMS, banners, receipts) remotely on self-service devices, advertising stands and panels. It contains a wide range of broadcast parameters targeting) and monitoring system of advertising campaign statistics

Cloud advertising platform scope of application


Self-service kiosks,Infokiosks


Commercial displays


Advertising stands

Cloud advertising platform capabilities

Broadcasting of commercials

Positioning of ad banners

Printing promotional texts on fiscal receipts

Wide range of targeting options

Advertising content and campaigns

management from Personal Account

Monitoring of advertising

campaign statistics

Sending advertising and informational

SMS-messages to clients





Wide range of targeting options



Centralized advertising management



Detailed broadcast reporting system


Select the region for broadcast

Select service points with a sound system

Select timeframe

Show an HTML page with information

Select service points addresses for broadcast

Print fiscal receipts with some information after broadcast

Select range of payment for broadcast

Send SMS-messages after broadcast

Centralized advertising management


In Personal Account you can:

Manage advertising devices

Creation/editing, monitoring the operation and analysis of the work of advertising devices, financial report

Customize promotional broadcasts

Adding promotional materials, customization of advertising and targeting options

Advertising campaigns monitoring


Monitoring allows to know the statistics of broadcasts at any moment and to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising:

Broadcast schedule

Schedule of broadcasts for each day of the campaign

Broadcast average score

A table showing periodicity, average number of broadcasts at service points, locations, etc.

Broadcasts by targeting parameters

A table showing information on broadcasts in the context of specified targeting parameters

Variants of use

To broadcast promotions, you can use the cloud advertising platform of Inform Systems Group or create your own one.

Use of Inform Systems Group advertising platform


We provide OS and software or advertising devices, as well as access to the control system

ALLVEND software license:
0 $ per device

Monthly servicing:
4$ per device

Creation of own
Cloud advertising platform


You need to purchase a license for Processing Complex, OS and Software for advertising devices

ALLVEND software license:
40 $ per device

Monthly servicing:
0 $ per device


You can consult with the manager on any questions.