Dear friends!

The group’s central FTP server was put into operation. The server address is All working files for all projects of the group (SkySend, FastSYS, ALLVEND, Beauty, FINGER, etc.) are placed on this FTP. Now any new or modified team file is automatically uploaded to FTP, making it easy to share content with colleagues and partners.

If you need some kind of document for your work needs (instruction, presentation, rules, price list, public contract, etc.), then you can find it on FTP.

All files are logically divided into the following sections:

1. certs/ – the root certificate of the group and the base for the request to create a certificate;

2. docs/– instructions, descriptions, certificates, contracts and other documents;

3. graphic/ – graphic files (designs, layouts, interfaces, stickers, etc.);

4. job/ – reference information for applicants;

5. license/ – licenses and certificates of the group;

6. offer/ – commercial offers in the context of projects (appeals, presentations, leaflets, tables, etc.);

7. photo/ – photos related to the group’s projects;

8. price/ – price lists and calculations;

9. request/ – application templates for granting access to group resources;

10. rules/ – group rules and regulations for partners and colleagues;

11. soft/ – installation files and demo versions of the group’s software for partners;

12. update/ – files for updating the versions of the group’s software installed on the devices;

13. video/ – video materials related to the group’s projects

For prompt receipt of instructions, references and any other information related to the activities of the group, we recommend going to the FTP server of the group and downloading materials in the appropriate folders according to the above file placement logic