Dear partners and customers!

Reyna Ortiz, an Executive Assistant to the Office of the CEO at SpaceX and Tesla, received a formal appeal, a 24-sheet presentation, describing 11 innovations and advantages of FastSYS OS 5 compared to the classic Linux distribution, as well as additional materials.

If the proposal will be considered and the company will be interested, within one week it will be possible to conduct a demonstration of FastSYS OS 5 on a Tesla car, and then, within 1-2 months – to create a fully functional prototype.

What benefits can be expected from the implementation of the system?

For owners of Tesla cars:

  1. Improving vehicle safety. Protected software will make it impossible to disable various security systems that led to accidents earlier, and a two-way crypto linking of the car’s nodes and the central OS will reduce the already rare cases of Tesla cars theft.

  2. Increasing the speed and stability of the main software. The FastSYS OS 5 is more compact and lightweight, economical in terms of processor resources and RAM, which allows the main software to work faster and more stable.

  3. Improving the update system. FastSYS OS 5 will reduce the volume of updates from gigabytes to several megabytes, for the update you will no longer need to connect to the WI-FI network, and the updates themselves will take place 3-4 times faster, it will be possible to update the car with USB flash-drive.

  4. Improving support. If the car is located in a region different from the region of manufacture and sale, updates are either disabled or can be turned on after the signing of the disclaimer. Thanks to the cryptographic protection of FastSYS OS 5, the possibilities of remote support and service will expand, the image with the software and OS of the car can be safely provided to car owners for repair in any region of the world.

For Tesla itself:

  1. Protection against hacking and software modifications. Thanks to 5 levels of cryptographic protection, FastSYS OS 5 allows you to protect car’s software reliably from modifications and safely distribute the software itself and updates to it.

  2. Improving the speed and development convenience. The system contains all the necessary tools: a developer’s workplace, an environment for testing, assembling and flashing ISO images, versioning and release of software releases, allowing the developer to concentrate on the main thing – developing his product.

  3. Saving and reducing financial risks. Considering the increased attention to Tesla, even before finding out the true reasons, any incidents fly into the media and negatively affect the value of the shares. Due to the described advantages, FastSYS OS 5 will reduce the cost of developing and maintaining Tesla car software, as well as protect the company from financial risks.

  4. Improving the quality of the final product. The binary update system, biometrics, cryptography, and the speed of the FastSYS OS 5 will have a positive effect on the quality of the final product, which is supported by Ilon Musk himself, saying that you need to concentrate on creating a quality product, but not on its advertising.

Details are given in the FastSYS OS presentation:

In addition to the documents, technical presentations were prepared, attached as ISO and the image of the VmWare virtual machine.

The appearance of Tesla software and our materials do not represent secrecy, we put them in the public domain for third-party specialists to study it, we will be glad to receive comments and advice on improving our technology.

I would like to express my gratitude to Ilon Mask once again for participating in the forum «Act small», Tesla and SpaceX employees for helping to organize contacts, to thank all «Act small» forum participants and its organizers, they have put in a tremendous amount of effort, their success has already become history, we also thank for prompt technical assistance in the development of demo versions of Tesla software simulation.

We hope that our technology will be useful to Tesla.

With respect,
Head of External Contacts
Olga Belyaeva