Dear friends!

Inform Systems Group took part in a business mission to Azerbaijan organized by the Export Support Center of the Krasnodar Territory from 13 to 16 September. During the business mission, the company presented its developments to representatives of large businesses in Azerbaijan and held a number of personal meetings with the heads of companies operating in the payment acceptance and self-service market in the region.

— Our company represented the direction of IT-technologies, — says the director of Inform Systems Group Alexey Ignatiev. – There have been many meetings with holdings, technoparks, large network retailers in Azerbaijan. Everything was very exciting. It can be noted that both we and our colleagues who took part in the business mission found 2-3 interesting business partners. This cooperation will be further developed.

Among the Azerbaijani companies with which Inform Systems Group began to cooperate as a result of the trip are the STP industrial park and Expressbank.

Today STP is one of the largest enterprises in Transcaucasia. It includes 12 factories (including an electrical equipment plant, a metal-smelting plant, etc.), 30 production sites, where more than 2 thousand employees work, and products are supplied to the markets of Russia, Central Asia and Turkey.

As part of the cooperation, Inform Systems Group offered to use the FastSYS operating system and the universal ALLVEND software for self-service devices in the kiosks produced by the STP industrial park. At the talks, it was discussed that the use of Inform-Systems technologies will allow STP to reduce production costs, expand the product sales market and reduce the cost of subsequent maintenance. At the request of STP, Aleksey Ignatiev, Director of the Inform-Systems Group of Companies, demonstrated the operation of the proposed technologies at STP kiosks, and the parties agreed to work together.

The second company that showed interest in the developments of Inform Systems Group is Expressbank, a financial institution with more than thirty years of history, which has a license from the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a wide network of branches, and is also a member of the international payment systems MasterCard International, Visa International and SWIFT International Interbank Payments.

Expressbank is interested in developing a network of self-service kiosks and exploring new self-service niches – Smart City areas using ALLVEND technology – a self-service and information system constructor that allows you to create any kiosks that combine information, payment and self-service functions in just 1 day.

In 5 days in the republic, Inform Systems Group, together with other participants of the business mission to Azerbaijan, successfully completed the entire planned program, reaching a number of agreements in various areas of cooperation.

“The fact that we left does not mean at all that the work has been completed,” says Anatoly Rotarenko, deputy director of the Export Support Center of the Krasnodar Territory. — On the contrary, business cooperation has just begun. Several contracts have been signed and now these areas will develop. We have found new projects and new business partners.

Best wishes,
Head of External Contacts Department
Inform Systems Group
Belyaeva O.